June 2005

HepCats has completed an office move for one of its clients, including a boost in performance by replacing 80% of existing computers.

This office, running on two networks was shut down on Thursday night, moved, and partially operational on Friday, with full operational status on the following Monday morning. 

While the actual move was performed in under 24 hours, the only way it could be that successful was through detailed prior planning. 

HepCats sat down with the client, and worked up a plan based on a targeted date-of-move.   The plan laid out the required tasks for all parties involved with the move (including service providers) and HepCats was in close communications to be sure that all tasks were being done in time for the move to happen. 

In the end, the move followed the plan almost to the letter, despite very short notice of communications services transfer to the new location.  





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