Backup is a critcal component of today's computing environment.

For years, backup has meant duplicating data, putting it on an archive storage media (like tape), and getting it away from its normal location for disaster recovery purposes. Many advancements have taken place to improve backup. Today, we have progressed to removable hard drive media, and using the internet to get the data off-site.

Businesses need a Disaster Recovery Plan, or Business Continuity Plan, for use in the event of a large-scale emergency. Backups are a critical part of those plans, but in reality, backups are most often used to recover accidentally deleted files, rather than to recover from large-scale disasters.

On-line Backup

On-line backup has become a very popular way to do backups. The concept is great; it gets data backed up, and off-site, and works over regular internet connections that are already in place. Today's products have matured to be easy to use, work automatically, and are reasonably priced.

HepCats Technologies has evaluated many on-line backup solutions, and have chosen one that can meet our clients needs.  This solution offers several different plans with different features, capacities, and pricing to meet most needs. Critically, your data is protected by encrypting it with a password of your choosing. That means that your data remains private, even to the on-line backup system's operators.

Please check out our recommended on-line backup provider:

Nordic Backup

Nordic Backup offers several features geared speficically towards business needs, including open file backup, Exchange, and Microsoft SQL backup ability.

Hybrid system

A hybrid system combines the best features of the older backup methods with those of the new on-line backup. Basically, a hybrid system backs up to secondary media (usually hard drives) as a primary disaster-recovery solution, but then duplicates that backup off-site using an on-line backup. These hybrid solutions allow for fast recovery in the event of a system failure, and still provide off-site protection for disaster recovery in the event of a more serious event like a fire. Please call us if you have a need for a hybrid backup solution.


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