HepCats owner on Technology Committee

August 28, 2005

Fred Hepperle, owner of HepCats Technologies, has been named by Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon to serve on the Technology Subcommittee of the 2006 Phoenix Citizen's Bond Committee.

As a member of the Technology Subcommittee, Mr. Hepperle will help evaluate, prioritize, and recommend projects to the Executive Bond Committee, who will review recommendations and ultimately craft an overall bond program for consideration by the City Council and city Voters.  

The City of Phoenix has many needs similar to any business.  Business continuity, customer service efficiency, and rapid growth of business data are just some of the needs facing the City of Phoenix that Mr. Hepperle has experience with.

If you feel your company could benefit from the level of experience Mr. Hepperle brings to the table, please contact HepCats Technologies.



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