Fax gateway improves privacy 

for financial  institution

HepCats provides a high-value solution on an economical budget

January 20, 2006 

With increasing concerns about privacy, financial documents transmitted via fax machine were becoming a problem for a Scottsdale-based bank.  It was the concern for privacy that drove the bank to seek out a solution that would route faxes more directly to the intended recipient. 

Initial solutions explored were priced at over $30,000, but HepCats Technologies was able to put together a much more economical solution that not only solved the privacy problem, but also increased productivity.  

By getting faxes right to employee desktops, employees can concentrate on the contents of the fax, instead of checking for faxes at a physical fax machine.  Employees can also now respond to a fax much more quickly.  Software allows employees to send documents right from their desktops, without the need to first print out the document.   This solution works alongside the bank's existing fax machine now, but may ultimately replace it in the future. 

The various departments and individuals at the bank were assigned personalized fax numbers.  When faxes are sent to these numbers, they are converted to a file, and delivered to the e-mail address assigned to that fax number.  The faxes can then be treated like any e-mail.  They can be viewed on screen, forwarded, deleted, saved as a file, or if needed, printed out.  

This solution was installed in just a day, after the personalized numbers were delivered from the local telephone company.  The numbers were setup and installed by the telephone company in about 2 weeks.  

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