January 2005

HepCats recently completed installation of a conference room system for a financial planner.  Click a thumbnail below to see a full-sized version.   Click the back button in your browser after viewing a picture to return here.

 Finance01-small.jpg (156052 bytes)    Finance04-small.jpg (210621 bytes) 

The financial planner has a hybrid presentation system, digital signage, and TV system.  Clients visiting his office can select a television channel of their own choosing for news, sports, etc. while waiting to discuss their financial planning needs.  

Meanwhile, the financial planner can activate a presentation of his choice from his desk before entering the conference room.  The screen can display any PowerPoint™, web site, video, or other material that can be viewed on a computer screen.

Once in a meeting with his clients, the financial planner can then use a notebook computer to wirelessly control the screen for further interaction.  For example, he can bring up an investment website to show the clients their account choices.  



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