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If you run your business using networked computers and servers, you know that you need those systems to be able to communicate all the time, without hesitation or question.  There is simply no other choice.  Your network MUST be there for you, ready to work, every time you need it.  
Hepcats strives for "Five Nines" of network uptime.  In other words, the network is up and running 99.999% of the time.  That goal equates to less than 1 hour of unplanned downtime per year!   In practice, networks designed and managed by Hepcats have historically come very close to the "Five Nines" goal, with about 99.997% uptime.
Besides being up, available and working, your network needs to perform well.  This is especially true if you are planning to have any time-sensitive or real-time data running on it, such as voice (VoIP), video, or monitoring and control. 
Hepcats has experience designing networks with very high throughput needed to support your time-sensitive and mission-critical business applications.
While your network needs to perform well and be reliable, you also need to keep it secure.  Performance and Reliability are both affected by rouge data transmissions such as those from viruses, and other malware. 
Security is also critically important to protect private and personal information.  You have heard the news.  Identity theft is at an all-time high.  HUGE numbers of people have had their personal information compromised by attacks on vulnerable systems.  And these are just the ones we know about, that have been publicized.   You certainly don't want your name on either the list of stolen identities, nor the list of compromised systems that allowed it to happen.
Whether by internet attack, wireless snooping, spamming, phishing, pharming, or Trojan horse,  you MUST take steps to be sure that you are a difficult target to attack.
Hepcats can help, with guidelines on how to lock down your network and systems, and packages to help identify, remove, and detect similar attacks in the future.

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